Stock and Pricing

Centralize Supplier's Imported Data From Different Sources

Iceimport is a powerful automated solution from Iceshop for managing your assortment’s stock and pricing. With Iceimport, you can easily import unstandardized data from your multiple suppliers from different sources and convert it to a standardized format.

Iceimport will ensure that your catalog’s stock and pricing are accurate and up-to-date, automatically! Plus, Iceimport allows you to send data directly to your FTP, making it quick and easy to keep your data in one place. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your product catalog management with Iceimport. Keen to learn more? Contact us!

Convert data into one standardized format
Accurate stock and pricing information
Send data directly to your FTP
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Why Use Iceimport?

Stop wasting time on manual changes for assortment, stock&price updates and enjoy automatic synchronization.
New products and prices? Iceimport handles them instantly, keeping your webshop fresh.
Make use of a vast 400+ network of reliable partners, all accessible through Iceshop.
Seamlessly connect with your existing webshop, effortlessly eliminating integration hassles for a smoother experience.
As your business grows, Iceimport scales with you, effortlessly handling large data volumes and updates.
Focus on strategic initiatives like marketing and assortment development while Iceimport handles the routine tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Ice” comes from Icecat, a product content catalog, and is the sister company of Iceshop. “Import” stands for the functionality. Together, it means a service for creating an import file of products, their stocks, and prices sourced from multiple suppliers standardized by some Icecat data, such as brand, category, and title.

Iceimport picks up the supplier files from their locations, unifies all the files into one, standardizes them using some Icecat data, and delivers them to your ecommerce platform, such as Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Shopware, etc., or to Icepim, a product information management system.

Although Iceimport unifies all the suppliers’ files into one, its functionalities of working with duplicates, standardizing data by Icecat, integration into the webshops provide more functionalities beyond that.

Yes, we can deliver Iceimport product list file with stock, prices, and some custom data to your shop in an automated manner so you will not need to worry about manual management of stock and pricing on a daily basis.

Yes, Icepim is tailored to work with Iceimport files to further enrich the data with Icecat/customer own content and export it to ecommerce environments.

You can view the end result of Iceimport either as data integrated into your webshop or as a file. Therefore, Iceimport does not have an interface. If you wish to manage the data from Iceimport, such as suppliers, selecting the cheapest supplier, product pricing, filtering out certain products, and creating content for products, etc. —you should consider using Icepim.

We set the update of the Iceimport file in your shop as many times per day as needed. We can advise you on the best solution based on our experience. Of course, it also depends on how often the suppliers make changes to their files.

No, it is generated several times a day/as many times as needed based on your business needs.

The cost is on demand. It consists of a one-time fee for set-up and a yearly fee per every supplier.

We can explain to you how it works and show Iceimport demo file or Iceimport integration in the webshop, answering all necessary questions, but we don’t provide a free trial.

Have a question or want more information? We are here to help!