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In-house E-commerce Solution Batavi

Batavi is an in-house e-commerce solution designed by the Iceshop team to handle large volumes of products, visitors, customers, and orders. With a fully flexible template system and full content management capabilities, Batavi allows you to easily manage your online store. Customer and group-specific pricing, payment, and shipping modules, along with unlimited product segmentation, give you the ability to offer a personalized shopping experience to your customers.

Batavi also offers advanced batch import and export facilities, including the integration with product content providers like Icecat, and advanced SEO features to help improve your website’s search engine visibility.

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Batavi Platforms Features
Multi-Language Capability
Multi-shop Capability
Multiple shops in one installation are supported, with different catalog and different visual design in each shop
User rights and roles
Batavi customers can have different rights and roles that can be configured per shop
Payment systems
We can connect Buckaroo or Ogone payment providers which support multiple payment systems like VISA, Mastercard, iDeal, PayPal, etc
Icepim integration
Batavi supports products and content integration with Icepim and content sourcing connection with Icecat
Maximum Number of Products Supported
Min Shop Server Specifications for Supporting Max Products:
RAM: 16G HDD: 1 TB (depends on number of different image sizes)
Limitations & Requirements
PHP 7.2 is required
Next in Roadmap
Allowing orders from guest customers; New search engine (Elastic)

Frequently Asked Questions

Batavi is an e-commerce platform, similar to Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, offering numerous custom opportunities and functionalities that we can tailor to meet your e-commerce business needs. Batavi is an e-commerce platform designed to provide flexibility and customization options for building online stores, offering features such as multi-shop management, product catalog management, and various payment gateway integrations.

Batavi is a sophisticated e-commerce platform that includes import and export functionality, filtering the assortment (products/categories/brands to exclude from import/export), product management (such as categories, content, and product relations like cross-selling), pricing management, task automation, and more. Batavi can also source product content from Icecat.

You can manage customers, customer groups, and create customer-specific pricing and assortments.

The cost is custom-based on your project requirements. It is billed yearly and depends on your setup.

Our experience suggests that businesses with extensive product catalogs (hundred of thousands to millions of products), particularly those utilizing Icecat and requiring custom solutions for their ecommerce operations, are ideally suited for the Batavi ecommerce platform.

You can manage emails, banners, webshop content & layout, as well as any custom features developed for your specific needs.

Yes, you can manage quotes and orders, as well as payment methods.

We are flexible in connecting almost any service, such as ERPs, to Batavi.

Yes, based on your needs, we will make an offer with a clear project scope, time estimations, and planned deliverables.

We have a project delivery team that will assist you during the project, upon agreed deliveries and within an agreed timeframe.

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