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Meet the Shopify connector from Iceshop, a strong solution that enriches your assortment with Icecat content directly in your Shopify web store back office. With the Shopify connector, you can easily enhance your product catalog with digital content from Icecat. In addition, the connector allows you to connect to your suppliers, manage your product information, attributes, images, and descriptions with our Icepim solution, and transmit your product catalog directly to your Shopify. Boost the efficiency of your e-commerce operations with the Shopify connector. Book a demo today to learn more.

Enrich your assortment with the Icecat product content that matches your range in your Shopify web store fully automatically
Our Shopify module will automatically create, update and/or delete the required product content
Manage your product information, attributes, images, descriptions and more with our PIM
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