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Connect To Your Amazon Environment

Maximize your Amazon sales potential with Icecat’s connector! Seamlessly integrate your Icecat product content with the dynamic Amazon marketplace, revolutionizing your inventory management and supercharging your listings. Connect to your suppliers, import pricing, stocks, specs, images, and more directly into your listings with ease, thanks to our automated Icecat catalog integration. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to streamlined selling processes, enhanced product visibility and assortment scaling.

Stay ahead of the competition with our Amazon-tailored content management system, ensuring your product content is consistently updated and optimized to meet Amazon’s specifications. Minimize errors, boost visibility, and unlock your full sales potential effortlessly. Book a demo today to learn more.

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Streamline Icecat to Amazon data transfer: Convert Icecat to Amazon taxonomy using our CWR tool, product descriptions, specifications, images, pricing for Amazon listings.
Optimize Amazon feed management: Ensure real-time product updates for accurate listings.
Minimize errors: Automate processes to reduce data errors during import.
Manage product details efficiently: Utilize Icecat PIM solution to handle attributes, images, descriptions, and pricing seamlessly.

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Icecat - Amazon Connector Features

Export Types:
Multi-Language Capability
Exportable Data (Products):
Stock, Prices
Exportable Data (Content):
Name, Short description, Long description, Attributes, Product type, Images, Bullet points.
Amazon Vendor Central:
Amazon Seller Central:
Export Data Format:
Limitations & Requirements:
Has a CWR feature to map Icecat taxonomy to Amazon taxonomy; Attribute mappings based on product types must be completed before export
Currently in Development:
API version updates and optimization; CWR and Export Performance Optimization; Multiply languages for single Amazon marketplace; Product summary page;
Next in Roadmap:
Dashboard Design; FBA and Direct Fulfillment APIs

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start using the Icecat-Amazon connector?

Contact us or request a demo. After agreeing on project objectives, we are able to deliver the Icecat Commerce connector within a week.

Is the Icecat-Amazon connector free?

No, the cost depends on your setup and is defined based on the business case. During the project planning stage, we define all the necessary implementations for your integration with Amazon, and the offer is created accordingly.

Who typically creates mappings between Icecat and Amazon taxonomy within Icecat PIM?

We send updates daily. As soon as there are updates/changes in the Icecat database, you will receive updates in your Amazon shop with the next import.

Are all Icecat to Amazon taxonomy conversions already completed by your Icecat-Amazon connector?

Not all conversions are completed yet. Some categories, such as Laptops and Toys, have already been completed for a wide range of locales (languages). New taxonomy mappings are conducted after internal analysis and based on the customer’s identified business needs.

How often can I get Icecat content updates?

We send updates daily. As soon as there are updates/changes in the Icecat database, you will receive updates in your Amazon with the next import.

Can existing products be updated within Amazon Vendor Central?

Yes, you can update existing products in your Amazon Vendor Central.

Can we automatically update content from the Icecat catalog and export products to Amazon?

There is a task manager which helps to automate such processes as import and export. It can be set up on a regular basis for a particular set of products or all products at once to be exported to Amazon or get content updates from Icecat catalog instead of doing it manually.

Do you provide a free trial?

We can show our demo and demonstrate how the Amazon connector works in real-life, answering all necessary questions, but we don’t provide a free trial since setting up such a connector requires resource planning and individual approach to your business case.

Do you provide support?

We have a project delivery team that will assist you during the project.

Have a question or want more information? We are here to help!