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Iceshop’s sister company, Icecat, is a global leader in the production and distribution of product content for online and offline channels.

With over 20 million product data sheets available in over 160 markets and 60+ languages, Icecat is a valuable resource for businesses looking to reach a wide audience with accurate and up-to-date product information. Leverage the power of Icecat to improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts. Contact us now and enjoy rich content!

Content from any category: electronics, toys, fashion, etc.
Available in 60+ languages
20 million+ product available
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Icecat is trusted by more than 30,000 of the world’s most successful e-commerce businesses to manage their product content.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Iceshop belongs to the Icecat group of companies and integrates Icecat data into e-commerce platforms. It offers solutions around Icecat data, such as supplier connection integration and a PIM system. However, it does not sell Icecat data.

Yes, as the Iceshop team delivers e-commerce solutions, it closely cooperates with the Icecat team to ensure quality and meet customer business needs for both product content and its integration.

While Icepim caters to resellers and merchants usage, Icecat PIM (Free Vendor Central) targets content providers. Free Vendor Central allows brands to register for free, create descriptions, upload images, etc., making this content accessible on to all users. In contrast, Icepim serves as a comprehensive system for managing product information, enriching products with Icecat data, manage their pricing, warehousing, and exporting to e-commerce platforms. The platforms differ in their target audience and functionalities.

With Icecat, you need to pull data and integrate it into your e-commerce platform, such as Magento. On the other hand, Iceshop pushes the data and delivers a ready-made solution.

The solutions offered by Icecat and Iceshop are not competitive but complementary. Icecat provides product content, whereas Iceshop focuses on its management and integration. If content enrichment alone is the priority, Icecat may be sufficient. However, for more advanced solutions that include supplier integration and product information management, Iceshop’s offerings provide added value. The choice depends on the specific business needs of each customer.

While Icecat focuses on content (product descriptions, images, bullet points, product stories, etc.), it doesn’t automate connections with suppliers, content and product management. Conversely, Iceshop offers solutions like Iceimport and Icepim (PIM system), allowing for management of pricing, assortment, and warehousing alongside Icecat-enriched products.

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