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    Centralize your product data
    From stock and price updates to product content, keep it in one place.
    Enrich with Icecat catalog
    No need to create product content from 0.
    Sell omnichannel
    Export to most popular e-commerce platforms.
    Sell better and sell more
    Deliver consistent product assortment & content and easily scale up.

    What is PIM?

    Product Information Management (PIM) is the central hub for overseeing product data, enabling businesses to effectively handle and distribute all the information necessary to sell products across diverse platforms. Whether it’s e-commerce websites, marketplaces, ERP systems, or other trading partners, PIM ensures the accuracy and consistency of product details across all channels. Additionally, it automates various tasks associated with product creation and maintenance. Essentially, PIM offers an automated solution for organized, efficient, consistent, and dependable product data management.

    How is Icepim different from other PIMs?

    Icepim stands out significantly compared to conventional PIM solutions in the market. It is a sophisticated platform that effortlessly sources Icecat product content and incorporates capabilities for implementing assortment management. With Icepim, you can streamline your e-commerce processes and oversee your product catalog with advanced functionalities such as supplier connection and its further filtering and selection, warehousing rules, pricing rules, business rules, and product relations. All are delivered automatically to your webshop’s back office— essentially, this solution provides the entire e-commerce automation process.

    Why do I need Icepim?

    We will be a match If you are a reseller and your business deals with a large number of products, if you want to utilize content from the Icecat catalog, if you require intelligent filtering and rules for managing your assortment and pricing, if your shop is on platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Odoo, Shopware, Prestashop or you require custom output, for instance in XML format.

    What to expect from the demo?

    After getting to know each other, we will gather your business requirements and the goals you aim to achieve. Based on your needs, we’ll suggest a solution and demonstrate the product hands-on. We will happily answer all of your questions. 

    Do you speak other languages except English?

    We have an international sales team and speak Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Norwegian, Cantonese, Mandarin, and other languages. Your demo will be with a dedicated sales manager in the language you need; just specify this in the request or simply write in your language. Your manager also knows region-specific details and can provide you with market-specific information and advice.

    Is the demo free?


    What is your time zone?

    We are located in the Netherlands, and our time zone is Central European Time (CET).

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