Connect To Your Magento Shop Environment

Introducing the Magento connector from Iceshop, a robust solution that links your assortment enriched by Icecat content with your Magento web store. With the Magento connector, you can effortlessly connect with your suppliers, enhance your product catalog with digital content from Icecat, and manage your product information, attributes, images, and descriptions with our PIM solution. Additionally, the Magento connector allows you to transmit your product catalog directly to your Magento web store back office, making it simple to manage. Boost the efficiency of your e-commerce operations with the Magento connector. Book a demo today to learn more.

Connect with your suppliers
Enrich your assortment that matches Icecat with digital content
Manage your product information, attributes, images, descriptions, set warehouse selector rules, pricing and more with our PIM solution
Send assortment, content and more directly to your Magento web store
Build Your Magento Shop From Zero
Connect to Iceimport
Connect to Icepim
Connect to Icecat
Connect to Iceorder