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Connect To Your Odoo Environment

The Icecat-Odoo connector automates the integration between Icecat, a product content catalog, and Odoo. Once the connection is established, your product range will be enriched with comprehensive data from Icecat, including attributes, descriptions, bullet points and more.

Moreover, this connector enables sourcing assortment from your suppliers, automating updates for stock and pricing information. The additional utilization of Icecat PIM further improves content and assortment management. Book a demo today to learn more.

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Connect to your suppliers with our Icecat Connect solution
Enrich your assortment with the Icecat product content
Our Odoo module will automatically create, update and/or delete the required product content that matches your range
Manage your product information, attributes, bullet points, descriptions, set warehouse selector rules, pricing module and more with our PIM

Icecat - Odoo Connector Features

Export Types:
Full and Delta
Multi-Language Capability
Exportable Data (Products):
Name, Category, Attributes
Exportable Data (Content):
Long description, Bullet Points, Related Products
Exportable Other Data:
Warehouses, Stock, Prices
Shop Version Support:
Odoo 15
Export Data Format:
Odoo APIs
Next in Roadmap:
Images export

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I start using the Icecat-Odoo connector?

    Contact us or request a demo. After agreeing on project objectives, we can deliver the Odoo connector within an agreed timeframe.

    Is the Icecat-Odoo connector free?

    No, the cost is billed yearly and depends on your setup.

    What other types of product details can I have in my Odoo using the Icecat-Odoo connector?

    Apart from the usual Icecat content, stock & prices, you can send categories, purchase prices, sales prices, attributes in multiple languages, etc.

    Do you provide support?

    We have a project delivery team that will assist you during the project. We always deliver a fully functioning solution to you with automatic updates of products and Icecat content. Also, 4 hours of additional support yearly are part of the contract. You can purchase additional support hours if needed.

    Which access do you need to install the Icecat connector in my Odoo?

    You need to share Odoo API URL, database name, username, password as well as provide certain rights.

    Is it possible to send stock and price updates for my products along with Icecat content?


    How often can I get Icecat content updates?

    We send updates daily. As soon as there are updates/changes in the Icecat database, you will receive updates in your Magento shop with the next import.

    How often can I get supplier’s stock and pricing updates?

    We import supplier’s updates as many times a day as needed. As soon as there are updates/changes in the Supplier’s feed, you will receive updates in your Odoo with the next import.

    Have a question or want more information? We are here to help!